Amazing Buns!

I'm not talking about exercise here!  Although my walk tonight did my buns some good.

I know I've been MIA and I can't promise I'll be here tomorrow, but know that I want to be.  I'm so happy you're all still here!  I start the day feeling sick, start to feel better enough to do dishes, laundry, and think about bathrooms, but then the kids want me to play, and then I muster the rest of the energy for the day into dinner, and by then I'm to tired and ill feeling for anything else.  I'm just over 12 weeks, so I'm crossing my fingers that somewhere in the next week I'll wake up and feel perfectly healthy and have my stomach back to normal.

So I got into a bread making mood today and couldn't resist trying out a new recipe.  Bread is my downfall, I'm sure I'm not alone.  :)  Some friends had us over for dinner and served these rolls and today I called her for the recipe.  She gave me the link to her Mom's food blog Creme Sue-ley and I busted out the kitchen aid and made the herfen 48 roll batch.  We're in heaven here at my house...and it smells so good!

Browsing through Creme Sue-ley, there are some yummy recipes that I'm excited to try out.  You'll have to take a peek.  In the mean's some eye candy:

P.S. I had high hopes of eating some Leek Soup with my rolls tonight, but maybe tomorrow we will end up enjoying them together!  It was a delicious hot dog night at our house!  What did you have for dinner?  (Really, I need some ideas!)

My real excuse

Not that I deserve an excuse for lacking in the creative department, but I do have something that qualifies.  I have #3 in the oven!  We're excited over here, but also battling nausea, tiredness, and constantly trying to find something that sounds good to eat.  My success for the past almost 2 weeks has been getting a decent dinner on the table, at least every other day.  I am about 10 weeks along and my sickness in the past has ended about 13 weeks, so there is an end it sight.  Well...there better be!
So my attempt for the next little while, until I find some creative adrenaline, is to give you some recipes I've been making and showing you some fun Halloween things.  When I wake up and realize I feel normal again, then we'll be on a roll!  

I don't want to promise anything, but I really want to do a Halloween apron giveaway for my awesome readers who have stuck through my slacking!  

For the meantime, enjoy the beautiful fall season!
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