Yea, I'm back!!

I am so excited to be writing today!  I have thought of you all often and am excited to get things going again.  Thanks for sticking with me through the beginning of pregnancy...and then the busy Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

So let's see, the other important thing to note is that I'm having a BOY.  We are very excited, especially my 4-year-old buddy.  So be on the look-out for future baby boy projects.

this is me excited to see you...I know I'm dorky :)

And with you all in mind, I have several things to show you.  I promise I've actually done things in the past months besides grow out of my pants.

Sweet & Salty Treats

I love these little morsels because they literally *jump* into my mouth and then I realize I just ate 10.  They are that good.  I made a bunch and set off on a delivery journey with holiday treat bags.  I just wish I could have made more.  For those that got one, I'm glad to share; for those that didn't, I didn't do it on purpose.  Make them following THIS recipe from allrecipes.

The fun part of this treat is you can make them lots of different ways.  #1 - change the shape of the pretzel: round, square, or twisty.  #2 - change the chocolate: kisses, hugs, carmel kisses, rolos (just note that they are different cooking times).  And #3 - change your topper: walnut, pecan, m&m, etc.  It's going to be an easy crowd pleaser.

Christmas Napkin Holders

We had Secret Christmas Carolers this holiday season and each night they would leave us something on our doorstep.  One night it was these clever napkin holders.  They really would be so easy to make.  Just in case you needed some inspiration (I know, I know, Christmas is past)...but this could be copied to an arrow shape for Valentine's Day or a Shamrock with a long stem for St. Patrick's Day.  Really people, the possibilities are endless.

Curry & Naan...mmmmmmmmm

This is my favorite chicken curry recipe.  I also made some naan from THIS recipe that is delicious.  The sauce is the same the Tamarind Sauce from this past post.
So I feel like I need to justify myself by saying this, but this curry recipe is actually from  I really don't like that cooking site.  I think there is no advice and a general lack of responsibility of people posting recipes.  I'm sure there's good stuff on there, but after several bad recipes, I moved on.  This is probably the only recipe from this site that I use as the automatic go-to...and it's very worth it.  So here's the link to the recipe.  

For my own notes to the recipe: 
I do not use whole chickens, but maybe at least 4 chicken breasts.  
Fresh ginger really adds amazing flavor.
I use at least 2 cans petite dices tomatoes instead of fresh.
The yogurt really adds a good texture and creaminess.  I've even used greek yogurt in place of plain.

I hope you try it and drool the whole time.  :)

Table Napkins

As for my sewing machine, well it's seen more dust than light recently and I'm so excited to change that! I did pull it out right before Christmas to make my mom and sis-in-law each a set of fun table napkins.  As I was going through my fabric stash I got super excited to make several of my own sets.  

The easy instructions:
Buy corresponding fabric in fat quarters (or cut 18" x 21" pieces)
Hem all the edges

That's it.  So easy and so cute!  I like the matching/non-matching of these.  I want some like this for me and some matching too.  We move into our new house (almost done being built) in a month and we have a new table and chairs waiting for us.  It will need some good linens to go with it.  I'll have to make some chic table runners as well.    
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