Green Hydrangea & Poinsettia Wreath

Wow.  Where has time gone!  

It's interesting having our "first" holidays in our new house.  I thought I had a lot of holiday decorations, but now with more space to decorate, I realize that I'm kinda lacking.  I came across Vanessa's (from V & Co.) wreath tutorial, and having just taken down my door wreath and needing something new, I made my own.  I love it!

I was feeling green.  I think blue and green might be my favorite colors.  And green wreaths just feel more alive to me.  (If you can ever say that about fake flowers.)

Go to her tutorial and using your Joann's coupons (I know I just got some more in the mail), go buy yourself to fake flowers!  I think I want some more hydrangeas to fill in mine some more.

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