Sandwiches for Lunch

It seems that I'm often throwing something random in my mouth for lunch.  I've decided that I needed something better than that.

First, it will actually be something healthy...not that mac and cheese isn't sometimes.

Second, it will taste good.

Third, it will fill me so I don't want to snack on the peanut butter cookies that I made.

(P.S. Have you ever had nutella on a peanut butter cookie?  Don't.  You won't be able to stop eating them.)

So my solution to the lunch problem is sandwiches.  You could also do wraps in tortillas or pita bread.  I make sure to have lunch meat on-hand and load on the veggies.  I love making a sandwich that can barely be eaten because of the amount of colorful healthy things inside.
And my husband is also grateful for the change from peanut butter and jelly for his lunch to this.  Our favorite bread is Dave's Killer Bread.  It is amazing!  And has an awesome story to go with it.  You should check it out.  I wish you a happy sandwich day.

AND Look for a homemade ranch dressing recipe soon.  Why did I ever buy a packet??  Thank you, Alisha.
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