Do The Dishes

I have been so excited to do this since I got this towel last summer.  Now I have the perfect place to hang my semi-hand-made art.

Kathie (Hi to Hawaii!) and I went browsing at Anthropology and I found these awesome dish towels and could not resist, especially since they were on sale.  "Spend money to save money" right??

I already had the frame from a hand-me-down picture that I didn't like.  Problem solved.  Swap picture for freshly ironed towel, add some windex, and wa-lah.  Wall art.  This faces the kitchen, constantly reminding me how I love a clean kitchen.

I love the vintage dishes that make up the letters!

The LONG Awaited "Tea-And-Crumpets Apron"

Yes, I know it's a copy-cat to this amazing apron from Anthropology, but I promise I made it!

I was browsing through their aprons (which I highly encourage) and saw this and HAD to have it.  But I could do it for less than $32 they were asking.  I loved the white and mustard combo, so I did copy that as well.  Yellow makes things so peppy and yet the mustard-ness of this yellow tones it to just the right shade.

Let's just say that I did lots and lots and lots of pinning on this one.  And the tie on it - well, it's one continuous beast that took forever to turn!  Honestly I don't think I've ever been more proud of an apron as this one.  I took the time, did the little tricks, and yelled at my machine when the tension would randomly be dumb.  In the name of love, of coarse.

Here it is.  I'm not making another one, so this one is mine.  I love it too much to part with.  But don't be surprised if you see those cute ruffles on more things.  Now go make yourself one, too!

Ties are long enough to tie in front or in back.

 I can't get enough of these ruffles!  I love them.

And why NOT have a ruffle hem to finish it off?

(Special thanks to a friend who modeled for me!  I've been waiting to capture somebody for this very purpose.)

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Sending you Valentine's Love

I love pink things.

I love conversation hearts.

 I love home-made Almond Joys.

I love free printables.

And I kinda *wink* love this guy.

I hope you have things to love, too.

A Housing Side-note

I now own my very first home.  I just walked in from a baby shower and my husband is asleep on the our own house.  For some reason this makes it feel like home already.  I know that sounds funny, but it's true.  Does your husband fall asleep with his work laptop in front of him, too?

So we moved in this past Thursday, thanks to some muscly men (of course my man was the strongest) and my parents help.  I have a cute picture of us on our front porch that my mom took, I'll have to add it to this post later.  I just wanted to let the world know that I now have a billion projects to do...there is never a last house project.  But I think that's why it is so much fun.

I am loving so many things and I'm sure I'll have lots of before/after shots for you.  One thing to look forward too is a new apron I made!!  I actually finished it 2 days before I moved, but I need a non-pregnant person to model for out neighbors, I'm going to knock on your door.  And seriously I love this apron.  I really feel like it just be my most well made and cutest one so far.

So dun...dun...duuuuuu.  Look for an apron post next.  :)  Happy night.
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