Office Update

You know how sometimes you live with a room for a while and then you get tired of it?  That's what happened in our office.  It seemed like such a sad addendum to the rest of the living space, mostly because of it's lack of color.  Problem solved!  


I revealed The Office last May, and not that there's a huge amount different, but enough to make it a little more lively.  So almost a year later, here we are again.  And lest you think I've gotten it down this time: sometimes I wonder if the blue has too much green or if the other walls should be a different shade of gray.  But then I stand back and think I like it so much more than before and don't dislike it enough to redo it yet again.  :)  Yet.  Everything in the house is subject to scrutiny.  

So here you have our very used and functional office.  

Matching Office Chairs

I love my new craigslist find!  I've been wanting new chairs in the office that actually matched.  I've had similar painted/upholstered chairs, but they just weren't speaking to me anymore.

They weren't in very good condition when I brought them home, but for $46, I'll take them.  They had gross red vinyl seats.  The extra surprise was the old jeans that were stapled to the chairs under the vinyl.

A Blog Announcement

I've been so excited to tell you (drum roll please) that I have a new blog!!

I've been thinking about doing this for a while and after slaving away learning a new system, I now have a place to invite you to in wordpress.  

Carrot bowl is the new home for all food, Pretty Dubs will remain the home for home and crafty projects.  I get to have double the fun now!  I have some good things coming up for both places and I hope you have fun exploring.  

Talk to you soon!

House Rules

You're likely to get some creative answers if you ask small children what they think are your house rules.  I know because this is exactly what we did.

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