I'm Bonnie. Welcome to Pretty Dubs.

I believe everyone has the power to create and make their home and lives meaningful and beautiful in their own way. Hopefully something I photograph or say here will inspire you to embrace that! You never know until you try...and try again. You can do more than you think you can.

My philosophy for my house is to keep moving forward. If you think you've found the perfect solution for some drapes, your cleaning schedule, or the way you organize your pictures, fantastic. Often I find myself thinking this, then coming to realize I've found another better way! This continues perpetually so I have never-ending projects and things to talk about. 

I characterize my decorating style as rustic clean comfy minimalist. Can all those really exist together? I think so! 

When I'm not hanging around here, I'm blogging about eating and other healthy habits at Carrot Bowl or hanging out with my sweet three kids and hubby, Tyler. I might also be working out, cooking, or finding something to organize. 

Blog History:
This blog was born when I started making aprons. I don't make as many as I used to, but it was my roots and I'll always love them. 

Have a fantastic day and don't forget that I think you're pretty awesome. 
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