Ribbon Flowers

I have gone to the grave and back. Well, at least it felt like it. This past week has been filled with lots of vomiting sickness in my house. A couple of days I was lucky enough {I wouldn't wish it on anyone} to also catch the bug. Down and out. Thankfully I'm up and kicking again...just in time to throw myself into flowers.

I've seen these types of flowers all over the place: headbands, belts, earrings, etc. {Thanks you sWeeT cHarLi and Craftaholics Anonymous for the links} They are so so easy to make and require no sewing. Glue guns really are a good thing.

I'm making these for my sister-in-law's wedding {shout out to Katelyn!} and love how they turned out. I am making several things for the wedding: ribbon flowers for bridesmaid's hair {a small tuck of just the right color}, ribbon flowers and fabric flowers PLUS other embellishments on 9 black aprons {they have to look cuter than just plain black}, 2 little boy's bow ties {black with white polka dots}, and 2 little girl dresses with a bubble bottom {love them}. So I'm going to have my work cut out for me. With a move 2 1/2 months away, I've got to get crackin'. I will be making tutorials as I go along making these projects, just in case you want to volunteer for lots of things for the next wedding in your future. ;)

So here's the tute on the flowers. Seriously, so easy and so fast.

Materials needed:
Ribbon or Cuts of fabric (this ribbon is 100% polyester - you could also use satin)
Glue gun
Sparkly for the middle
Earring studs, bobby pins, pins for sweaters (etc)

This is a roll of ribbon my mom-in-law got from Michael's. You could make a billion flowers out of this much ribbon.

I tried using a candle as well as a lighter. Not as controllable. Certainly doable. I liked being able to hold my flame and fabric close and in my control. The flame danced too much to anticipate movement. Also, with the flame you have more burn marks on your flowers. I am going for no black marks.

Cut out your circles in varying roundish shapes and sizes.

Once they are cut out. Hold your lighter in one hand and your circle in the other. Quickly move the edges around through the flame - enough to melt and curl a bit, but not enough to burn. {I would have taken a picture, but I forgot my 3rd hand *wink* }

Then stack your cute little circle on top of each other to figure out the order. They look extra cute the more layers they have, and a little off center. Hot glue them with a small dot in between each layer.

Pick out how you want to use them. I got some stud back for earrings. My 2-year-old will be wearing earring rather than a hair pretty. For the bridesmaids, they will have a tuck of flower in their hair. The other flowers are for the apron accessories. You will need some sparkly middle for them. You could put three baby sized, a small, medium, or large - whatever you're in the mood for.

Such a cute finished product. She's going to look adorable.

So simple and yet adds just the right touch.
{Ribbon Flowers on aprons yet to come}

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