Making a Bolster Pillow

One more post about our master bedroom!  When I re-purposed the bench for the end of the bed, I cut off the purple pillow tops.  Inside there was lots of stuffing, so using that and some other that I had lying around, I made a bolster pillow.  

But I didn't just want a little bolster pillow, I wanted something that covered the width of the bed.  So I searched for some tutorials and loosely used this tutorial from Prudent Baby (although my pillow had a larger circumference and length than her's did).

I had 2 yards of the navy and white striped material from ikea on hand, so there was zero cost for this project.  I stuffed it and then hand-sewed the opening closed.

The kids love wrestling with the pillow - especially since it's the size of another small child!  I feel like the bold pattern on the bed really gives the room some *pop* that it needed.  

Go to the Master Bedroom Transformation to see the whole room.


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