Guys, this is a thing. At least it has been at our house for over a year.

TODAY is shark shirt Friday.

We want you to be a part of it with us.

Every Friday is Shark Shirt Friday, now that you know, you can be ready for next week. For real.

Sometimes it includes shark shorts, shark socks, and shark helmets. Tyler has a co-worker that even has a shark button she made. It's cool. Ty has his eye on a shark hoodie next.

It's time to bring you into the know-how, the coolness, and the community of shark shirt lovers everywhere.

Why does this even exist?

Good question.

Tyler's #1 fear is being attacked by a shark. We watch shark week on the discovery channel as therapy and anytime there's an ocean to walk into, he comes up with a very elaborate plan of how he's going to take out a great white that comes for him. It includes some eye gouging. He runs through the entire plan in his head before he can get into the ocean. Snorkeling in his lifetime...never.

Tyler's parents went to Hawaii over a year ago and brought home one shark shirt. He wore that same shirt every Friday for about 4 months. Once I realized he was sticking with it, I got him a couple more to mix it up. Then the kids started to feel left out so they all got shark shirts too. We all look forward to Shark Shirt Friday!

I admit, I don't have a shark shirt. I have a shirt with anchors on it though, it's my ocean shirt and I represent on some Fridays.

Maybe a shark dress (where in the world would I even where this?!)

Or maybe I should just go for the full-blown costume.

Maybe this one from overstock. I like the names of all the sharks in the body.

I like the good baseball sleeve on this one.

For some reason this one seems cool too.

Wow. Just wow. This one

I like how snarky this one looks.

Feed me...making it a graphic tee that you could almost pull of "on purpose" with a sweater or something...maybe?

Or maybe just an intense drooling shark ready to bite my head off is better.

Seriously, now that this is a thing (are you convinced yet?!), I find it hard to stop myself. Shark socks...add them to the cart. There's a unity of Shark Shirt Friday and people want to be a part. I love how the kids talk about it and point out that they're wearing their Shark Shirts on Friday.

Throw back to August when Ty and I took a vacation to Mexico without kids. Yes, even there the shark shirt came with us. I could go for some more Mexico right now. It was an awesome vacation and I loved every moment (even the time when we wondered if we'd make it back alive).

So what's the take-away from all this?

You need to get yourself a shark shirt.

You have one week to get one and then it's on. Seriously though, how cool to make this a thing. Let's do it. I have a shirt to order now.

What are you going to wear next Shark Shirt Friday?


  1. Wowie! He has quite the collection of shark shirts! I'm impressed! ;-)

  2. Do you still do this!? Now I want a shark shirt.


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