Ruffle Apron

I found this idea and could not pass it up! Expect people to say "you should make that into a skirt!"

I love making the ties long enough to wrap around in front, although it's optional to wear them that way. If you're really going to wear it to do dishes, then it will probably be more comfortable to have them tied in back. This is a great apron to make if you have a bunch of left-over material from other projects. It's fun to mix-and-match patterns and colors. I think it looks better with 5 ruffles over 4, but both cute. If you're following this tutorial but want 5 ruffles, do everything the same, just cut out an extra ruffle piece. Pin them all onto the back piece before you sew like the instructions say and it work perfectly the same. These are great fast gifts.

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  1. I love this ruffly apron! It would definitely make doing the dishes more fun!


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