I promised something new...THE DEANNA APRON

My mom-in-law has given me lots of hints to what colors and purposes she wanted an apron. Details were: black, white, and yellow and it's hanging on the wall. I had no idea going into this that making an apron to specifically "hang" was much different than making one to wear. I felt more pressure thinking of it as a decoration item than a piece of clothing. Interesting experience and cute apron.

This one was really fun to make and is an original pattern. I love the ruffles on the pocket and the fabric flower. The flower is detachable so the apron can be laundered. It's a hang dry only because I don't think the ribbon strips across the front will like heat. And don't you LOVE the lemon fabric!? Too much fun to pass up.

For kicks, this is what it looks like on.
Such a good advertisement spot in the kitchen!
I love fabric flowers. Easy to make and the perfect pizaaz to an apron.
Regular jeans are going to start having ruffle pockets because they are so CUTE.


  1. Great job on this! That's awesome that you designed the whole thing yourself. The lemon fabric is the cutest! And you have such great attention to detail with the flower, the ribbons and ruffles, and the little accents of different color and patterns.

  2. Hi Bonnie-- How are you? Cute, cute cute aprons. I love them. I have a "new" vintage one from my grandma that I was wearing around the house today. A new love! Ellie has a similar one, so lots of fun when we bake.

  3. Oops--this is Erin Matlak, by the way! I just realized that it doesn't say that otherwise. Hope all is well with you guys!

  4. Erin, I'd love to see a picture!

  5. Ooooo. Love this one too. You're so talented.


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