Do The Dishes

I have been so excited to do this since I got this towel last summer.  Now I have the perfect place to hang my semi-hand-made art.

Kathie (Hi to Hawaii!) and I went browsing at Anthropology and I found these awesome dish towels and could not resist, especially since they were on sale.  "Spend money to save money" right??

I already had the frame from a hand-me-down picture that I didn't like.  Problem solved.  Swap picture for freshly ironed towel, add some windex, and wa-lah.  Wall art.  This faces the kitchen, constantly reminding me how I love a clean kitchen.

I love the vintage dishes that make up the letters!


  1. ooh! Too cute! Love the little stacked up cups! So is it one of those really flat (less towel-like) dishcloths? Genious. I could totally do this! Thanks for the idea!

  2. That looks really great! I love making different things from tea towels, they are so colorful and unique looking, aren't they. Yours is really unique, I have never seen one like that. It looks so wonderful in a frame.
    Hugs, Cindy


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