A Busy Week

The last couple weeks have been busy around here.  I helped one of the young women from our church make a quilt, had my sister and her hubs visit, and worked a ton in the yard.  Yesterday I had to top it off with some cinnamon rolls.  I can't believe we're on the count-down for summer to end!  It has flown by.

I'll show a picture of the finished quilt, I don't want to spoil it.  But here's the fabric we used and it turned out beautiful!

I did practice some heel kick at the beach!  It was a beautiful day and we had tons of fun.  The famous Cannon Beach domes are in the background.

If you ever go to Cannon Beach, go the the Ecola Seafood place.  (bad name...hmmm)  All their fish is fresh and their fish and chips are the best I've ever tasted!

The kids are really enjoying our new swing set!  

And then we did squeeze in some puppet making project time.  I was a cool mom that day!  (Sometimes I feel like a slacker, but making puppets clothing from fabric makes up for it...maybe)

And this is what I ate for breakfast!  I made and delivered some warm cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting last night.  I don't know why taking baked goods to people makes me happy...but I'm glad it does.  The only downfall is that I end up eating way to many myself.  Find the recipe here, but the frosting recipe is this one: doubled, minus the cocoa, and plus 4 oz of cream cheese.

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  1. oh my gosh you ROCKED at being a mom this day! Lol! I'll try the cinnamon rolls. I've never had them turn out spectacular, even following recipes. Bread, pretzels- they're okay. But connamon rolls? It's like the yeast knows it's making something different and freaks out. That beach picture is AWEsome. It's a framer for sure. We will definitely have to drop in the next time we're driving right through. I was sad that Lukas had major ear infection and cough by the time we were heading from the farm in Washington. :( He's just finished up Amoxicillin this week (it's sad that he loves to take it, but a good thing too, eh?) You're little Huck Finn looks like such a sweet boy. Can't wait to meet him. I'm sure we'll be up there next summer too if I can help it!!


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