My Closet Revamp

Our coat closet and office closet were two spaces that were driving me crazy!  I felt like they were crazy "dump zones" that I tried to not look at.  I'd open the doors to get something out or put something in and then quickly close them up again.  I finally decided that things needed to change.  

First, they were still painted brown like the original house color when we moved in.  They needed to be painted white (the trim color Dover White from Sherwin Williams).  And on top of that, they needed to have more function.  

The problems with the coat closet: too crowded, being used as kid's crafting storage, needed space to store backpacks, coats, and shoes for kids.

The problems with the office closet: too crowded, unused space because off small bookshelf, and couldn't reach things without unloading 15 others first.

The Before and After of the Coat Closet

The Before and After of the Office Closet

I love the results!  I'm still storing the same things in them that I was before (although some of it has swapped closets), but the space is used soooo much better!

In the office closet I added shelves: screwing the wood supports into the studs, caulking around all edges, and painting the whole closet white.  Then I put in the shelves and metal support rod.

In the coat closet I screwed support beams into the studs, caulked, painted everything white, and then positioned the coat hooks where I wanted.  I put 7 along the back wall and 3 along the wall to the right.

I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!  Every time I open the closets I sigh with relief.  Function usually always wins with me.

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