He Asked for Samosas

We love Samosas.  However, they are deep fried.  That doesn't work so well with eating nutritarian.

We had some friends from Ty's work over, it was my first time meeting them.  I wanted to make something good and have plenty of whole food things to make, but Ty really really wanted samosas.  So that's what was on the menu.  I also made Red Lentil Curry and heated up some naan from New Seasons that was probably the best store-bought naan I've ever had!

The samosas were good, although after not eating oil with our diet change, they were definitely a little heavy.  But as usual, the tamarind dipping sauce that I make for them is really the reason you eat the fried part.  Go HERE to see both recipes.  I need to use the sauce with other dishes just so I have an excuse to make it!

If you've never tried making samosas, I do think they are a lot of fun to make and serve.

In all, the night was a lot of fun.  I'm excited about our new friends!  Thanks to grad school for another connection to cool people.  I'm looking forward to our next dinner adventure together.
**I did try baking some of these the next day and they turned out awful!  I used egg roll wrappers, but a homemade pie dough or puff pastry might work better...if anyone has healthy versions of either of those, send them my way!

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  1. Mmmmm. I love samosas! Haven't ever tried making them myself. Thanks for sharing!


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