Amy Apron

I was going to call this the Ty Apron after my husband, it was his pattern idea {thanks}, but it didn't sound right. This is named the Amy Apron because of it's colors. (Subsequent ones will still be called by this name.) I have a friend named Amy that anytime my little girl would wear these colors her comment would be, "I love pink and orange together!!" That works perfect for this apron. {Thanks, Amy.}

I've had this apron finished for over a month now and I'm finally showing everyone. It was a fun pattern to make but definitely needs some tweaking, as a first apron usually does. The pattern on the backside of the apron was done with double-sided fabric adhesive. I used a thick one, thinking that then I wouldn't have to stitch around the design. Wrong. I still had to. Next time I will use a thinner and more flexible adhesive since I have to stitch around it anyway. It's kind-of stiff on the apron, but it's cute enough to make up for it. One of the things I loved about this apron is that there are so many different pieces of fabric. It really could use up scraps you have lying around.

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