Fabric Frames Wall Art Tutorial

I'm back and now live in Portland instead of Sacramento!  What a change.  The packing is done, the loading is done, the driving is done, the unpacking is done, and the house has things in proper places. On top of that, I'm totally spoiled right now.

We've been living in about 600 sq ft and now live in almost 1200 sq ft!!  The simplest things are so exciting right now: a bathroom mirror big enough that my husband and I can see ourselves in it AT THE SAME TIME, let alone counter space on either side of the sink.  Then there's the dishwasher, the disposal, the washer and dryer, the ice maker in the freezer, and the apartments we live in do valet garbage pick-up if you put it outside your door.  Oh, one more thing...there is carpet everywhere!  The last place we lived in didn't have carpet, we bought our own rugs.  The kids came in and started rolling all over the floor.  I guess it passed!  :)

So on to the fun stuff.  I've been cooking up a storm: samosas, tostadas, salsa, gourmet hot dogs (yum), and chicken salad.  Look forward to some recipes.

For tonight I have a NO SEW wall decoration that will look like a million bucks!

I've been anxiously awaiting a time to recover my fabric frames from Ikea and tonight I had my chance. After a quick trip to Ikea, I pulled out my staple gun, and got to work!

Tutorial: Fabric Frame Wall Art

What you need:
Staple Gun and staples (not long ones)
Wood frames (I got mine from Ikea in the frame section.  You could easily make some with some 1x2 board)
Fabric of choice (large enough to fit around frame and be stapled onto the back)

So I saw this scrumptious damask fabric and had to have it.  I am in love with yellow right now so it was perfect.  I also got to other yellows to go with it.

1. I had covered my frames with fabric previously and I had to cut it off.  I will be able to re-purpose it.
2. Once my frames were empty, I grabbed my staple gun.
3. Turning the fabric right side down, I placed the frame on top of it (also right side down).  I started on one side first.  Line your fabric up, wrap it around the back, and staple in the middle of the side.  Keeping the fabric in line, place a stable several inches above and below the first.  

Move onto the opposite side.  Pull in the middle a little bit first.  You want the material to be a little stretched but not puckered.  Staple.  Do the same to the top and bottom with one staple in the middle.  Go back all around the sides pulling and securing.
4. Leave about 1 1/2 inches unstapled towards the corners.
5. Take your first corner and open it up like this.

6. I wanted the tucked under part to be on the top and bottom of my square (personal preference).  I tucked under the side material and formed a square edge with the top material.
7. When you pull the top piece over, it should look like this.
8. Pull tight and tuck enough to staple on the corner of your frame.
9. Put a good solid one in there.  Staple elsewhere on the frame that may need strengthening or stretching.
10. Look how beautiful that is!
11. Three squares later and I now have this on my wall!  I'm loving it.
12. On the opposite side of the room is one of my favorite decorations - a small bust.  I bought some ribbon to match the yellow rust color on the squares.  So so cute.  I need to make a little old-fashioned apron with these same colors for this small bust.  Love it!  (P.S. I found this at Joann a while ago)
Hopefully that was all helpful.  If you need clarification with anything, let me know.  This really is such an easy and cheap way to decorate, especially on a budget.  There is no paint, no nails (I use thumb tacks), and no sewing.  An easy one night project that makes you feel refreshed and new!  

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! I just moved from Sacramento too this summer!! (well, technically I was in Folsom...). Anyway, that's so crazy that we both left Sac this summer!

    Congrates on the square footage upgrade! What a nice change!

    Anyway, I think this is a fabulous idea!

    Thanks so much for linking up and have fun getting to know a new area!

  2. After living in those cramped quarters, it is so much fun to make a step up. Only I realized we had enough stuff to fill our new bigger apartment. It amazed me what we could stuff in there!

  3. Where did you find that yellow and grey damask fabric? That is exactly what I have been looking for to do this same project for my bedroom!! LOVE IT!

  4. Okay- I LOVE this idea! I am definitely going to have to try it. SO smart. Love your living room pics, by the way. Your drapes look great!

  5. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    hi where did you find the damask? i need that exact print. please email me

  6. Natalie, i don't have your email. Sorry I can't email you directly, but I got the fabric from Joann Fabric. It was in the home decor section. Good luck!


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