Pants to Crops

Is there anyone else out there who loves to free-pile!  It is one thing I'll miss about living in our current apartments.  Everyone treats a laundry room bin as a free-pile for give and takes.  I have found quite the steals there and enjoy using the stuff to cut up to make MORE things.  

Here are some capris that I made from some old pants.  Cute and perfect on-the-run summer wear.  (*Thanks Jess for the awesome modeling!)

One of the best parts about free finds is that you stress less about them getting worn out.  I love less stress.

This pair of pants had been hemmed up and worn in.  I let down the hem and they did NOT look good.

I used a pair of capris that I really like and trimmed accordingly.  I ended up having to taper the sides in a bit so they wouldn't look weird.  Then it was simply a seam down the side and a hem around the bottom.  
Go free pile!
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  1. oh my gosh! God bless the freepile! Then Ross. In that order. I got a $7 shirt there that TOTALLY matches the awesome brown free-pile skirt I got- with the beads and everything. So rock it at the freepile while you can!! And thanks for those capris. I heart them. :)


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