Transformation: Coffee Table

I found the perfect coffee table!  Best part is that it was already in our house and just needed a transformation.  Free and free.  Yes, please.
I had painted a different coffee table and didn't like it for several reasons: 1) it wasn't the right shape (it was oval) for our room and 2) the paint remained sticky on the top.  I was going to sand the top and try again, but it wasn't worth it if I didn't like the shape.  I am going to sand it down on the top and sell it on craigslist.  I could give a half project to someone...we'll see.

So you might recognize our coffee table as our previous yellow desk.  It was a great color.  The desk was peppy and served a good purpose.  Only problem is that my hubs really needed a place to work and I was a desk hog.  We have our new desk(s) in place and I'll show them to you soon.  (yea!)

With the yellow desk no longer in service, I didn't want to get rid of it.  It's old, it doesn't stink (like so many old pieces of furniture), and has great character.  

Welcome coffee table.  We cut off the legs so the total height of the desk would be 18" and I repainted it dark gray (Sherwin Williams "Backdrop" - if you really want to know).  Yes, this is now the 4th color it's been adds personality.

What it looked like before:


  1. Looks great! I like your idea of cutting the legs down. So fun that your house is becoming a home!

  2. oh nice table legs! I love that it has storage then too. (and looks nice with floating mantle in the back)

    What did you finally decide on for your kitchen?


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