Welcome to my crafting space...and laundry room

I love this space.  My husband wondered why I was spending the time to make it over, saying that we are hardly in it.  Well, the answer is that I am here several times a day!  As the laundry service and sewer/crafter in the house, I love my room.  He likes it now and sees "me" in it.  :)

I found this chair on craigslist and it feels so cozy to sit in.  I recovered the base and really like the fresh look it has now.  On the wall behind my table, are these pictures.  The top left are milk tops found at an estate sale with my mom and grandma and the lower right is a bike print from urban outfitters.

A "someday" wish is to have cabinetry above the laundry machines and my work space.  But for now this does the job.  My green shelf was a free pile find (as was my table), painted blue at first, being used in the boy's room, and now green.

I like that I have a place to hang my aprons now.

For my window treatment, I hemmed the bottom edge of the fabric and then broke out my glue gun.  Our window blinds have plastic pieces that go across the top.  I removed it, hot glued the fabric to it, glued on the pom poms, and put it back up.  Cute, easy, and cheap.  Sounds good to me!  Happy crafting (and laundry)!


  1. I love the striped chair and your valence! Reading your blog just makes me want to see your decor in person :)


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