Apron Variety

At the beginning of April, I sewed one Lotta Apron.  That led to 5 more so far!  It has been fun to do some more sewing again, it tends to go in waves for me.  Thanks to the other dance moms who started ordering them!  The basic pattern for this apron is really easy and I'm excited to switch it up a little, like the cherry yellow apron below.  I have several more ready to make right now.  

 Here's the Cherry Yellow apron!  I wanted to try a different print on the top section and really like the way it turned out.  I also swapped out some of the prints for the straps.  Although I like the hummingbird print, this apron might be my favorite with all the fabric combos.  Another addition I added to this one was pockets!  They are just on the cherry print side.

The first one below was the first one of this series.  I love the hummingbird fabric!  It has so many colors that correspond with it.  I ended up using it for 3 different aprons, all with different contrasting fabric.
This is Apron #1, 2, and 3.  All hummingbird fabric with yellow, orange, and green accents.


Lastly are these 2 floral aprons.  The one on the right is on it's way to my Grandma!  Hopefully she likes it.

The reverse fabric for these two was this aqua.  
Have a happy apron day!  I'm off to make a orange and aqua apron.


  1. This seems like a project I could even do, it doesn't look too hard or time consuming. So many possibilities! I love the fabrics and combinations you choose. Awesome.

  2. Vary cute! I love the yellow lined pockets in the charry one.

  3. AnonymousJune 09, 2012

    Love your aprons! Love your style! Love your blog!! Crap. I think I'm in danger of getting addicted to blogging again...



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