Why I never park in the garage

Our garage is a staging area.  Summertime probably makes that worse!  I like having a big open space for the kids to play, to build, organize, etc.  Besides, my car enjoys the rain.  :)  

We are enjoying our summer, have already visited Sacramento (getting a bite of summer weather, unlike the Portland area) and as soon as we got back, made some projects for ourselves!  So in our garage there is a bunny living in a bucket and some huge boards drying out.  

Here's our bunny Pinky.  Just in case we didn't have enough going on, we decided that this might be the ideal pet for us.  It will be living outdoors (no fur in the house or a pet smelling house), the kids can hold it, it lives in a contained part of the yard, and the kids can learn some pet responsibility.  Our betas died after a year and I really think fish tanks are slimly gross.  Rodents stink.  Cats leave too much hair. We have too small a yard for a dog, I'm only okay with an outdoor dog.  Hello rabbit!  The kids are enjoying Pinky and this weekend brings the hutch project to us.  Happy weekend building to you all!

Welcome to our (future) table!  These boards are 10 ft long, but we're going to make it a 9 ft table.  In a couple weeks, after the boards are really dry, we'll be planing them, gluing them together, and then have some legs welded for them.  It will be a rustic modern table.  I'm really excited!  It will fit 10 very comfortably.  So now I'm selling our current table and chairs on craigslist and finding some new chairs for this table...on craigslist.  Exciting times around here.  

Since it's Friday night, we're off for a date tonight.  Tyler has a work dinner and dancing event.  Hello 4 course (*free*) dinner.  It will be fun!  I just need to squeeze in a trip to Target to get him some "business casual" slacks.  Enjoy your weekend!

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