1st Annual Comedy Night

Knock, knock...

A couple weeks ago we hosted our 1st party!  Tyler has always wanted to try some stand-up comedy, so we decided to invite our friends with the attempt to make each other laugh.  It was successful!

The catch to be invited: at least one of your party has to present a 2 minute something that will make us laugh.  There were movies, jokes, stories, poems, and dances.  It was impressive what people came up with.  

Personally, I shared a booger (yes, booger) poem that I wrote in a creative writing class.  (You know you wished you heard it!).  Tyler wrote a piece about a guy that has to go shopping at Ross with his wife.  In all, it was a ton of fun.  

The evening schedule (in case you want to replicate this awesome idea):
1 month in advance - send out invite and tell people to find sitters early
7:30pm - begin party with appetizers/desserts
8:00pm - begin comedy routines - write them down on order or appearance so people are forewarned when they will be presenting
...we threw in some "whose line is it anyway" comedy skits as well
?? - end comedy routines and stay up visiting until at least midnight

**For next year - we will have air conditioning!


I love to hear your feedback.

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