Table Progress

We have about another week before the table will be complete.  I'm so excited!!  It really has become a whole family project.  We've decided that eventually it will be the table the kids fight over because they want it OR fight over who has to take it.  :)

I guess I should tell the story.  I've always wanted to build a table.  After watching "The Kitchen Cousins" on HGTV with Tyler, he was on board, too.  We sold our dining table and chairs on craigslist and are now working on probably the biggest project we've done so far.  

In searching for "cool table legs" I found a website that makes some amazing tables.  I sent a link to my dad, not thinking that it was actually possible.  Big surprise to me when he said we could make it!  He's a project junky like us.  He was always building something in the garage.

My uncle is a welder and my dad has some tools to help us with the steel part.  Here are some of the pre-cut i-beams.  We ordered these cut in 4 2-ft-length and 1 6-ft-length.  On a vacation to Montana, my cousin drove them to us (well, to my uncle's house).  We went out, figured out the curves we wanted, and my uncle cut them for us.  

1-year-olds are really helpful around sharp metal.  

Cardboard is super technical.  :)

This was the design we came up with.

After it was cut, Tyler used the metal grinder and took off all the sharp edges made by cutting the metal.  He felt like a "man" this day.  Nothing like working on your vacation. :)

As for the table top, we have biscuit-cut the boards and glued them all together...thanks to some friends with some really long clamps.  And HOLY COW it weighs a ton!  I thought I was strong.  No.  This thing is going to take several more friends to move.  Like I said, this table is a group project.

This is Tyler laying down on the job.  :)  Okay, really he tripped over the wood blocks behind him and we were both laughing so hard that I had to take a picture.  He loved it, "wait, don't move, I'm going to grab my camera!"  

The kids even got in on using the biscuit cutter.  Tyler would line it up and they would push it in the wood.  It's quality family time.

I was in charge of keeping the boards in order and measuring where to biscuit cut.  I'm good at this kind of thing.  

Stay tuned for the table reveal!  The base is coming from Montana on Labor Day weekend, so we need to finish sanding and staining the top in this next week.

**UPDATE: We have finished this table, go to this post to see the I-Beam table.


  1. So cool, Bonnie! I can't WAIT to see how it turns out! James and I just started making furniture and it is so much fun!

  2. I'm jealous you actually have a garage to do a project in!! Can't wait to see the finished project!


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