House Rules

You're likely to get some creative answers if you ask small children what they think are your house rules.  I know because this is exactly what we did.

I've seen many display ideas for house rules, but I wanted to make it really personal.  It was a fun activity to do and the kids love looking at it now.  I think you should try it and share the extra good "rules" with us in the comments below!  I look forward to reading them.

Here are some of the creative answers from our brainstorming:
No drugs (this slightly humorous because my oldest is 6 and hardly knows more than the word)
No spitting on each other (apparently there's something I don't know about)

Some people might claim that no ha-ha talk (no teasing each other), no nasty bottoms (no gross talk), and bottom down, tummy up (sit on your bottom with your tummy up to the table when we're eating) would be the unique ones, but not to us.  That's the fun part of doing it on a personal level!

(I love that my 6-year-old helped write some of these out!)

After we made a list, I narrowed it down to several that I really wanted displayed.  My sister-in-law Alisa is a graphic designer and I sent her the dimensions of the ung drill frame and what I was thinking graphically.  She worked her magic (like she does over everything!) and she came up with this.  I love it!  I think she should sell them, letting people personalize the "rules" and telling her the frame size to fit it in.  Can't you see this in your house?


  1. So cute I have a similar frame that I didn't know what to do with.

    1. Thanks, Angela. I feel like oval frames are trickier to fill than square or rectangle. Have fun with your own house rules!


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