Matching Office Chairs

I love my new craigslist find!  I've been wanting new chairs in the office that actually matched.  I've had similar painted/upholstered chairs, but they just weren't speaking to me anymore.

They weren't in very good condition when I brought them home, but for $46, I'll take them.  They had gross red vinyl seats.  The extra surprise was the old jeans that were stapled to the chairs under the vinyl.

One of the chairs had some damage to the stain.  It looked like something acidic had been spilled down the back and on several places on the bottom rungs.  I used some stain I had on hand and touched up all the spots and sealed with some leftover sealant.

I used woven straps for the new seat support.  Firmly stapled.

(*Now having been living with them, I wish I would have cut boards to match the shape of each seat and mounted them on top of the wood frame.  I don't like the "sinking" in the seats.  Personal preference.)

I used spray adhesive to attach the seats to the foam.  I just needed them to not slide around while I tried to cover them.

I laid each seat on top of my vinyl and cut large squares that left plenty of overhang during stapling.  I began stapling in the middle of each side and worked my way out.  I kept my pliers handy.  Pulling staples out and repositioning them is part of the process.

The corners were tricky.  Surprise!  When aren't they.  I ended up doing this fold on all of them, the crease pointing outward to the sides of the seat.  You can see you the one piece is folded under the front part.  I can't give you any other specifics really.  You'll just have to play with the vinyl.

One important thing to remember though: spread out your vinyl on the corners.  That might not make sense, but the underside that has to fit in a specific size of chair will be unable to if the vinyl makes your seat top too big.

One everything was stapled well, I trimmed the fabric.

This is the exciting part!

It's so fun to see the vision come together!  I've been crushing on seats with this specific back shape for a while.  And the light gray vinyl (thank you Joann) was a perfect compliment to the shape, the color, and our style.

When I put the seat top on, I put the front edge in the frame first and it seemed to make the vinyl line up better on the other sides.  Then I screwed it to the chair.

Yea!  They are done!  Tyler and I have matching chairs + 1!  Can you really have too many chairs?  I've realized I've begun quite the collection of random chairs, but I think I'm okay with that.  Good luck with your chair projects!


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