Yea for organized accessories!

Jewelry organizing can be a headache if you don't have a good system. I was excited that my master closet reorganizing called for a better solution for my necklaces. 

You might have your necklaces in a pile, hung on thumb tacks, 3M hooks, in individual compartments, in a jewelry box, or even laying all over the top of a dresser or table. Here is a simple solution that's less than $5!

I hung this bar at eye level in my closet. Done right, it looks pretty enough to hang in a lot of different places.

This is yet another ikea-to-the-rescue solution. Seriously, we've got to use ikea for all it's amazing organization solutions.

My favorite part about this, besides its beauty, is that these particular s-hooks don't wiggle. They snap onto the bar and have to be pushed to move side-to-side or back and forth. It's so much easier to organize if the things you do actually stay in place. With kids running all around the house, it's nice to have something that kinda stays put.

This bar is the bygel rail costing $2.99 (you can order online or find in-store in the kitchen organizing section).

The hooks are bygel s-hooks that are plastic, 6 for $0.99. Unfortunately they aren't sold online. But they come in white, orange, green, red, and black.

So if you're out of reach of an ikea store, you can opt for the wiggling bygel s-hooks that are sold online costing $0.99 for 10.

Having my necklaces hung so nicely definitely makes me want to wear them more! Make sure to level your bar when you're attaching it to the wall. I hung mine on two small nails and it's plenty strong for my necklaces. Have a beautiful day!

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