In line with my necklace organizing, this is my solution for storing, using, and enjoying my earrings. 

If there's an accessory I always have on, it's earrings. They are simple, fast, and really fun. They are also out of the way, you don't have to worry about them like you do a necklace or bracelet. I know that gold is the in color, but man, I really do like gold and have my fair share of earrings sporting it. 

In my master bedroom I've mixed gold and silver finishes. I really like it. I also like giving a little pop of crystal-like glass for a complete combo. When I saw this tiered stand at Home Goods I knew it was the perfect thing. 

If I had to look to one bracelet as the bracelet of all bracelets, it would be this one.

Call it a watch if you must.

When I wear it people ask me what time it is and it takes me digging my phone out of my purse to realize they're probably confused why I'm not looking at my wrist.

You see, it was just so pretty and blingy and chunky that it had to come home. Sometimes that happens.

It happened to be a watch too. But then it sits next to my bed when I'm not wearing it and it ticks so loud that I pull out the little twisty thing on the side. The time is always wrong.

And that adorable clay bowl...my mom made that! She's awesome and so talented. If there's someone in my life that has always encouraged educating yourself in whatever ways you can, it is my mom. She remembered doing pottery when she was younger and then picked it back up now as an empty-nester adult. She purposefully picked my favorite colors. Pretty awesome, huh?!

It might be one of my favorite things to come over to my earrings and decide what I'm going to wear for the day. This doesn't mean I don't come away with simple pearls sometimes, but whatever it is, I enjoy it.

If you're looking for your own tiered stand here's a couple options:

For a glass look-alike, head to Ikea - 3 tiers
If you want it in wood go to Target - 3 tiers
How pretty is this color from Bed Bath & Beyond - 2 tiers
Really you can find something cool from a thrift store, an antique store, etsy, or hopefully your own home goods store. 

May the force be with you! 

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