I'm not a big candle person, even though the leaves have started to fall off the trees and people are dawning sweaters and chunky knit scarfs, it's not really my thing. Every once in a while it can be fun. Maybe I just haven't experimented enough (quite possible) but then with an 8-year-old in the house, the candle would be lit and blown out approximately 30 times a day. Fire is fun. Neither of these is very good reasons though, I know. We'll see what this fall weather brings out this time might be candles. 

Even better though, is when your sister loves candles, has cleaned out the jars, and has so many that she's giving them away! Yes, please. I had the perfect place for these simple pretties. 

As far as countertops go, I love it clean and clear and I don't like the clutter of baskets. I really love a place for everything to go (not that this always happens or is possible). However, when these came to me, I knew they'd be the perfect simple useful addition to our master bathroom.

Besides my hair ties (top knot for the 3rd-ish day in a row anyone? just me?), bobby pins and q-tips are the most used.

I just did a quick search and there are a ton of ideas out there to reuse these candle jars: small terrariums, other bathroom supplies, nail polish, candy display for a party, office supplies, and I love the way Anne at Circus Berry spray painted her's to make them look super posh. Yes, please. Cheers to a more organized and repurposed day!

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