Summer Munchkin Dress

I love this simple summer dress for my little munchkin. She is so cute! It's nice because the straps are the binding extended from the dress. Very simple and versatile.
To make:
1. Using a dress of your daughter's now, cut an identical front and back piece.

2. Cut about 2 inches down in the middle of the back piece (at the top).

3. With right sides together, sew the sides of the dresses together.

4. Fold up twice on the bottom and hem.

5. With store-bought or home-made binding (I made mine), sew onto just the top edge of the front and back. On the back you'll have to make it go around the 2 inch slit you cut.

6. Begin the binding in the armpit of one side and begin to hem onto the fabric. Using a current dress, decide how long to make the shoulders of the dress, hem just the binding, and then join it back onto the back side of the dress to finish. Repeat on other side.

7. Secure the slit on the back by using a snap. (You could do a button or a button and elastic)

**If any of this doesn't make sense, let me know. I want to make another one of these, so I will be able to make a more detailed tutorial. Sorry this one wasn't.


  1. Hey! I know that fabric! :-) It warms my heart to see it on Ava--it was something I had had in my classroom when I taught 4th grade. :-)

  2. Such a cute little dress! :)

  3. The dress is so cute, thanks for visiting Savin' Some.


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