1950's Better Homes Magazine to Wall Art

I was so excited to find this magazine in a "junk and stuff store" that we drove by on the way to Cannon Beach this last weekend.  I will be returning to that one again.  It is packed with lots of good stuff.  I paid 70 cents for this puppy and I'm excited about my new wall art.  There is lots more in there with good potential!
(one background looks grayer than the other...that is not the case, just lighting)

This is what I started with.  The magazine is so funny!  It says things like, "Linoleum laughs at muddy feet," you can completely furnish a living room with "$625.73," and "music in the dining room-why not?"  It's a fun read-through.

For some up-close pictures of the graphics in these frames:

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  1. my mom has a bunch of old magazines that we pull out for laughs all the time. the ads are hilarious, they're like, "does your husband shudder at your dishpan hands? fix them with this lotion and he'll love you like he did on your honeymoon!" hahha. your pics are so cute!


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