Little Girl Ruffle Apron

I love these ruffle aprons!  Seriously, can it get much cuter!!  Recently you can see this one I made for my friend in an orange theme.  In that post, there is a link to other past ruffle aprons, if you're interested.

I couldn't resist this adorable ladybug fabric.  And what better than to make a sweet little girl's apron.  It really would be cute as a skirt, but I'm sticking to aprons for now.  I wrapped the long strings around back, front, and then tied in back.  I like the look of the contrasting ties to the front of the apron.

Just FYI - this will be available in my future etsy shop.  Any color request to personalize the order is welcomed.  Won't this be fun!?  I think so.

Would you buy this?  (I really want to know).  And if not, what could I do differently?  Thanks for the feedback. 

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  1. Adorable! I need to make myself a new apron...

  2. Beautiful little apron! There's so fun and rewarding to make. I'm inspired to get out the sewing machine...

  3. I would buy it baby! It is adorable! Kiss those kids for us and know that we miss you guys BAD down here!


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