Satin Flower Headband

I love these flowers!  You can see how to make them using this tutorial for ribbon flowers.  In our church group I am with the teenage girls and this week was dedicated to flower making.  I was very excited to help them learn how to make felt flowers and the ribbon flowers.  I completely forgot my camera at the activity, otherwise I would show off their creations as well.  They did an awesome job!

I made this flower and then simply hot-glued it onto a little headband.  Wallah!  I really like it, especially with the contrasting headband color to flower color.  You can buy a 5-pack of headbands for a couple dollars and then glue all kinds of flowers onto them.  Have fun!


  1. Oh you look so good with your hair back. Love the headband!!

  2. I love it! But, I love fabric flowers...and headbands.

  3. Super cute! I found your blog via New friend fridays and I am a new follower!


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