Layered Girls Skirt

I've got to say that making my little girl skirts is so easy and satisfying.  Not only does she look cute after and enjoy wearing them, but they are the simplest and quickest project.

Take a rectangle of fabric, sew ends together, hem the bottom, sew a casing for the top (leaving a gap), in the gap thread some elastic, sew elastic, and finish sewing the casing.  Wa lah!

I wanted to make this one a bit more fun.  So I added two addition fabrics to the bottom, making the skirt 3-tiered.  Now that spring is officially on its way, it will be fun to make more dresses and skirts for her...knowing they'll actually get to be used!

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  1. MADE had a recent post on skirts too, a layered one like this, only with 2 layers and it totally got me inspired to make a bunch for my little 2 year old! For $1.75-$2 each it is so much cheaper....and CUTER...than storebought skirts and shorts! Yours turned out darling!



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