Throwing manure...for real

This is just in case you think I'm serious.  I'm not.  This is an official foot-pop-manure-throw over the fence into the garden.  This is what real housewives do.  :)  This picture is from a while ago, but a friend just recently sent it to me.  I was laughing hard thinking of us out there in the morning doing weeding, manuring, and enjoying a visit over the roosters crowing.  Spring mornings in Sacramento are fabulous.  I'm missing a little bit more sunshine, but I know it will come here in Portland.  

In the meantime...don't worry about a little bit of poop.  

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  1. Hey Bonnie Belle, we Siegs sure know how to appreciate good manure! I don't know what James loves more, the actual garden or getting to work with cow poop beforehand. :) Thanks for your nice note on my blog! I decided to take a more active part in the whole blog world. We'll see how it goes. Any tips are of course appreciated. :) Also, I threw your button on my blog. I only have four followers so that isn't saying much, but I thought it couldn't hurt. :) I hope your last week or two of pregnancy is going well!


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