Car Seat Cover

I've seen so many cute covers out there for infant car seats.  I decided to join the club.  I followed the tutorial from the blog Hippos and Dinosaurs and it's really simple.  I did almost the same as she did.  I used a yard of printed fabric and a yard of fleece, but for the straps, I made them 10 inches long and wider.

Funny thing, I was debating whether or not to make it, but is was still being rainy enough outside, so I went for it.  Then the day I made it and since has been quite nice and less rainy.  Of course.  Here's to being prepared anyway!


  1. Great job! Plus, even if it isn't rainy, this might help fight off any last RSV germs that are going around. Good luck!

  2. I love, love, love the fabric you used! I could do a whole room around it. Love.


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