Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

We love nutella around here.  I've even found my husband dipping a snickers bar in it.  So his idea was that I should make some nutella cookies.  I know there's recipes that actually have nutella as an ingredient, like this one from Simply Recipes, but I wanted to just use the basic ingredients of hazelnuts and chocolate.  I might have thrown some white chocolate chips in there as well.  

Here's my tips:
1. I roasted the hazelnuts. After roasting the brown skin comes off with a little bit of rubbing.  
2. I added at least a extra cup of flour and they are still a pretty flat cookie.  I think I will add more next time.
3. I used Ghiradelli chocolate and white chocolate chips - so good!
4. I didn't have any toffee bars and they were still scrumptious.  
5. Give them away, otherwise you'll find yourself eating ALL of them.  They were awesome cookies!

Now go make some.  And be warned, the cookie dough is really yummy.

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  1. I kept eating cookie after cookie trying to place the secret ingredient. (At least that's my excuse for chowing down.) Now I know...hazelnuts. They were delicious - thank you. I still can't believe you just had a baby and are already making food gifts for others. Congrats again on the arrival of your little man. Enjoy every snuggle!


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