He arrived!

We couldn't be happier around here!  A cute little baby boy has joined our party and we are all excited he's here.  My older kids, Boy K and Girl A are so happy to hold Baby S all the time and point out his tiny body parts.  He is a happy baby who cries little, sleeps well, and is happy to be lovingly poked.  Girl A is enamored by his "tiny cheeks" and Boy K loves his sleep smiles.

The delivery went well.  I was middle of the road about getting an epidural and going natural.  I had an epidural with both the others, but had weird reactions to it with more numbness than normal.  It made me nervous to do it again.  SO...drum roll...I did it natural.

It is its own experience and very painful and super intense, but rewarding and cool at the same time.  I wasn't trying to earn stripe or any mom badges, I think I was more curious to how it all felt.  I'm glad I did it, but I can't answer for sure right now that I'd do it again.  Yes, I might have done some screaming, I've heard of people being totally quiet and in "the zone" for that.  I don't know how they do that. Anyway, he's healthy, I'm healthy, and I'm kicking it into gear around here.  This is gonna be fun!


  1. So glad things went well for you! I did number 3 natural and liked the recovery better. I go in for a scheduled c-section tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it all being over. Congrats!

  2. YAAAAAAAY for Baby Weeks arrival!!!Soooooo cute on those pictures!

  3. Congratulations! You are a super mom for going natural- yay for you to have the guts! You have an amazing little family.


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