Silhouettes of the Kids

I've decided I really don't like blank walls.  It's hard to know what and where to put things.  I think that sometimes my fear of doing it right makes me nervous to do it at all.  Don't worry, I will be, but I am anxious about it looking good all together.  It's hard to put a house together piece by piece and hope it looks good.  Is there a key of where to start?  Do you do couches and a rug first, curtains, maybe some wall decor, paint?  Seriously, decorating is a little trickier than it looks and hard to start from a completely blank slate.

Often decorating schemes start from a favorite rug or painting that you pull colors from.  We don't even have that, so it makes it a little harder.  However, it is a fun learning process and it will happen over time.

So for a start, here's my kids silhouettes!  I love love how they turned out.  Each of them totally describes their personality right now.  I found the tutorial from my friend Rachel's blog What I Made Today, now you can make them too.  Everyone is doing it.  :)

Boy K needed a haircut and decided he wanted a mohawk.  Against my better judgement, we gave it to him and if spiked, it doesn't look half bad.  But I am glad he doesn't like it that much and wants to cut it off.  This is his rocker pose.  Seriously, this says so much about him: does he make silly faces constantly at the camera, yes; rolling eyes at the camera, yes; doing his own dressing, even if it's wearing 2 pairs of athletic shorts over each other (it's cool - and yes, I let him wear them to preschool), yes.

On the other hand, Girl A is very photogenic and loves to have her picture taken.  She'll pose nicely for me and do princess smiles.  She's a happy girl and this is a perfect capture of her laughing when I took her picture. 

You might question me saying this is a personality shot, but I think it's perfect.  Here's our Little Boy S.  He's cute, he doesn't know how to smile yet, and he had blue eyes.  He's bald, squirmy, and has stinky diapers.  He's a baby and this is the perfect pose for him.  

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  1. Wow, these turned out great! Now, you know we're all waiting to see a picture of Kimball with that hair now! I'll have to go look and see! Cute cute cute! Maybe I'll try one for Lukas... (checking tutorial once moved...)

  2. How fun, we did Anna and Caden before Aspen was born. We will add her when we get to Washington. I like the oval frames I might have to change mine!

  3. OH my gosh, these are the cutest silhouettes I've seen. I love how they're each unique and show personality. You will no doubt fill your house with so many beautiful pieces you've created soon! I wish I were as talented and crafty!

  4. Those look really good Bonnie, I love that idea. As far as decor goes, I was watching some decor show a while ago and they said to start with upholstery and rugs/carpet first. There are far fewer choices for these than paint. If you start with paint, you may not find the right upholstery to coordinate. That's just what they said. I think it's hard to piece things together too, but someone told me the other day that if you fill your house with things you LOVE, then it will always look good to you because you love it.

  5. I LOVE IT!! My husband had crazy hair as a teenager and I'm sure this is how he would have posed for a picture like this. Love how it captures the personality!


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