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I have always had a love affair with tufted headboards.  Really, anything tufted just makes my heart skip.  As I was looking around for one, I decided to take on a not-so-little diy project.  In the end it was totally worth it!  Coming in at about $150, I saved myself quite a bit on my king size tufted headboard.

I love the finished product and hope you get inspired to make one of your own.  Here are some good headboards that I considered replicating.  I love the tufting, but then leaned toward a nailhead trim on a simple curvy shape, then went to a slip-covered design, and then back to tufting.  Enjoy!

via cote de texas (I love the huge nailhead!)

via aubrey and lindsay (And I still love the ikea hacked side dressers!)

via Desire to Inspire (Look closely at the bedspread...you might see it on my bed.  And that tufting!  I did 53 buttons myself and I know this would be a ton of work!!)

Turquoise Velvet Tufted headboard
via cre8tive design (She has a great cheater method including stapling and hot glue...tufting is for everyone!  This includes a full tutorial.)

via bhg (This is the slipcovered tutorial I thought of using, full tutorial included.)

via domino
Suzie: Domicile Interior Design  Rue Mag  chic bedroom design with gorgeous chic bedroom design ...
via Rue Mag (Crisp white and navy blue...my favorite.)

I used a great tutorial from the Little Green Notebook when I made mine.  She has some great tips...like using PEG BOARD!  I wish I had thought of that before buying my heavy mdf.  The holes are drilled and it's light-weight.  

Here's my pinterest bedroom board if you're interested.  I know it was false advertisement to tell you about the one I made.  I promise it's coming up...

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  1. That was just evil. I kept scrolling thinking that your pictures were about to come...you better post your pictures and tutorial soon! :)


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