Wainscot in the Bathroom

Our master bath has been asking for love.  I finally responded.

The wall beneath the bathtub was asking for more than a coat of paint, so I decided to do my own short wainscot on that wall.  I really like the way it turned out and it was a really easy thing to do.

Before and After
Paint color before: Sherwin Williams Camelback & after: Sherwin Williams Dovetail. Trim color is Sherwin Williams Dover White


And in case you want to do the same thing, here's my instructions.

The top of my baseboards tapered to 1/4" so I got my wood to match at 1/4" thick.  I didn't want the wood pieces to stick out over the edge of my baseboards.

The top piece of wood I cut to fit the length.  Then I divided the space into 5 (adjust according to your space and desired width).  Make sure to add edge pieces into your dimensions.  You don't want to make an extra trip to Home Depot just for 17" of board.  That would be so annoying (no, I didn't do that...just want to save you the headache).

When I was at Home Depot, I had them cut the top piece to length for me.  You could have them do the short ones as well, just make sure they don't cut them too short.  A little sanding of a slightly too big piece is better than having to get more wood.

I marked the wall and fastened my boards with a nail gun.  You might need to hammer some of them in a little more.  Then I used caulk and filled in the little dents on top of the wood. 

One thing to do different next time: don't over caulk!  I put way to much on and had to sand before I painted.  Just the littlest amount to seal the holes.  

I also caulked the edges around the insides.  It definitely gives a finished look.  Let dry, sand if needed, and paint to match.  Now go wainscot something!


  1. Just got home from seeing Hunger Games, saw this and thought it was soo cute! Great idea! You are so clever!

  2. What color is 4th picture? Love it.


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