A Bird Valance

I grew up in Montana and still to this day, when I visit my parents, I know I'm home when I hear a meadow lark trilling its song.  Really, that's the thing that gets me.  So little birds, welcome to my home.

Today I'm showing you my kitchen valance.

I needed a fabric that was going to be forgiving on a wide window.  These windows come in at 65" and with home decor fabric only reaching 54", I knew I'd be piecing something together.  This did the trick and I'm so glad.

The two ties are removable, just sewn loops that I placed after putting the birds up.  It's an easy way to get the look without worrying about sewing them on.  To add width, I added two extra pieces to either end so the additions would keep the drapery symmetrical.  Done and done.
 (I wish that sun shining through was actually what today was like!  Rain and more rain is the norm right now.)

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  1. ooh, super cute! I like how the birds are almost hidden, till you look.

  2. awesome how you can incorporate a story into that window valance that you can pass on to the kids! Roots!! And yay for the window! It's been a long time coming! Glad you're back! Keep the cool ideas coming :)

  3. I really like your valance an was actually going to ask you about it a while back. You didn't give me much details on how you made it here though!


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