Chicken Wire Pegboard

Over Christmas we went through some model homes with my in-laws in California.  It is always so fun to go into professionally decorated spaces.  Lots of good ideas and actually some bad...really.  

I think my family thought I was crazy...I was lifting up couches to peek under them (you can't pass up knowing where an amazing couch is from!).  I didn't find any identification on the furniture.  I'm sure they do that on purpose, but I was still bummed.  I had to examine the walls, the artwork, everything.  I had to come away with at least one good diy.  Success.  Here you go.

This is our chicken wire pegboard that is hanging in our boys' room.  

I used baseboard molding for the frame, secured it with wood staples and other wood painted the same color as the boys' walls, and stapled on chicken wire.  Then I used ikea clips (I think they are about $8 a pack) to have permanent hanging devices on the frame.  

I really like how it turned out!  The little pegboard that used to be in their room just wasn't cutting it.  Now we have something masculine and large enough to hold all their inspiration.

(I had to hang a couple thing on here for you...don't worry, it's quite filled now.)

These are the ikea clips.  I secured them with some pliers.

This is the picture I took (compliments to my phone camera) at the model home.  I think we did a good job replicating it.
***Upon further thought and inspection, skip the baseboard molding and get some real wood.  Sure, it's not going to have a decorative edge, but it is going to be a lot more secure!

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