Lotta Mother's Day Apron

My 4-year-old girl takes ballet lessons.  So so cute!  Since apron making comes up in our conversation while waiting (as well as circumcision, boob jobs, things happening with the houses, having babies, funny things kids say, allergies, illnesses, unidentifiable rashes on your baby, crazy family stories...does any of this sound like your dance mom conversations?)!!

I was requested to make an apron for one of the dance moms (she was on the search for a mom-in-law Mother's Day gift).  Dance is Thursday, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself to have completed it on Tuesday!

And if you must know...that is one of my new couches!!  They finally arrived after 9 weeks!  We decided to go with two sofas rather than a love seat/sofa combo or sectional (wouldn't have looked good).  I love them.
Okay, don't you just love the print combo!  Here's the details: this apron is reversible.  I like the way it covers so much of your body, is cut a little shorter, has a dainty neckline, and wraps long enough to tie in front.  And the cutest part is there are actually little tucks right where the neck straps attach to the body.  So feminine in it's little details.
"Come on, baby, you know you like it..."  Okay, maybe I'm getting out of control.  The first picture is with the apron tied in back.  But really, the ties are meant to go all the way around.
This picture is from when I first blogged about this apron a whole 3 years ago.  Obviously a little tanner in the California sun.
And as a side note, this is only the 2nd apron I've made while living in Portland.  I've been decorating house instead, but even so, I really do enjoy this outlet.  This is the other apron I've made while living here.  Thanks, model Pam!  (Other side note, you can see the original wall color of our house in the background.  I love the color now!)


  1. Wow, really cute! I love the one you're wearing in the California sun.

    Rachel P.

  2. SO cute. P.S. I love your skirt. You are one hot mama. :)


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