Yogurt Bar Baby Shower

We had such a fun time this morning celebrating Baby Amelia!  This was an extra special shower for my friend Heather because they have just adopted this sweet girl.  It has been a blessing to watch Heather and family during this exciting time.  After what seemed like such a long arrival, years in the waiting, Ameila is finally here and we get to celebrate!

Baby Ameila with her big sister and Mom

Welcome to the shower!  My husband blew up all those balloons and I strung them on fishing line.

I had found some paper doilies a while ago and thought they would be perfect for this.  My friend Summer used her cricket and cut out the letters, using zots we stuck them on easily.  I just strung the ribbon through the dollies.  

The diaper cake (curtesy of my friend Summer) was perfect for a centerpiece for the gift table.  Especially since it was "girlified" with pink tulle.

I decided to go with a yogurt bar for our 10am shower.  It was perfect and I'd do it again.  It was fresh, offset with some chocolate - definitely a must, and the mini quiches were a savory addition.  

The Punch...to die for.  Ingredients: 2 - 25.3 oz Perrier Lemon carbonated water (any brand will do), water, pink lemonade to taste, sliced limes, and mint leaves.  (Thank you, Summer!)

Quiche...semi homemade and you'd never know it!  (Curtesy of my friend Karren, who is actually a professional chef).  The quiche bases were from Costco, cooked/heated, then topped with a swirl of spinach artichoke cream cheese (from Winco).  On top of that she put some fresh chives from her garden and little pieces of sliced ham.

"A" Cookies...decorate mint cookies with your letter of choice.  And then box some up for party favors.  (Thank you, Karren.)

The Brownies...homemade brownies (brownies from a box is a crime to her...thank you, Alisha!) with pink frosting.

Yogurt...Alisha brought some tangy unsweetened yogurt and added some honey for a sweeter flavor.  This makes it less sugary (better for us) and we were topping it with fruit and granola anyway...and possibly some mini chocolate chips.  

Toppings...granola (2 kinds from the bulk section of the grocery store), strawberries, kiwi, and pineapple, and mini chocolate chips.  You could do blueberries, mango, melons, etc.

Such cute homemade cookie, brownie, marshmallow bites!  These are reminiscent of s'mores.  They were made in a small muffin tin.  A bottom layer of cookie, then a layer of brownies.  After they are done baking, turn your broiler on and place the strawberry (because it's a girl!) marshmallows on top.  Broil for 1 - 1 1/2 minutes until lightly brown on top.  Watch carefully.  (These are curtesy of my friend Alisha.)

I kept it simple for games.  I always do the one were everyone fills out the envelope with their own address, it makes writing thank you's so much easier for the guest of honor.  Then I draw one or two for prizes.

The 2nd game I did was put 9 baby items in numbered and stapled shut brown paper bags.  The guests were able to feel the items and guess what they were.  The things I put in were: binky, binky clip, fingernail clippers, bath toy, shoe, saline solution, finger tooth brush, mini bottle, and a hair band.

We are so excited for you Heather!  Congratulations on your new addition!


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely shower!! It was perfectly pink and we LOVED it!!! Thank you to all your wonderful helpers!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!

    Ms A was tickled when we added some balloons in her and Amelia's rooms.

    I love the distracted picture of me and, of course, Ms A is **always** photo ready. :)

  2. Please thank Tyler for the balloons! It was the perfect entrance!!!

  3. Tamara OMay 12, 2012

    How fun. Creative ideas. I may have to steal them if I ever need to throw a shower here. I sure wish I could have been there and I miss all of you.

  4. How awesome is that!! I love the balloons (good job Tyler!!) and the display is all so pretty and dainty! You pull of great parties Bonnie! *And I missed you so much today because Meredith moved, and I remembered how it was when you moved, and how I was so sad after you guys left. Just so empty over there, and in my daily life!! :) Love you guys, and am happy for your friend who could adopt a cute little sweetpea! What a beautiful blessing babies are. I'm sure glad to be Lukas' mom. And glad you were there to share all of that time.


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