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*There is an Office Update that includes a blue wall. Check it out!  

I love our office.  The floor is often covered in whatever projects I have going on downstairs, well, that or children's books.  My little baby (who just turned one!!) loves to quickly pull books off the shelf before I can catch him.  He also loves to crawl around under the desks and turn off the power cord.  Hmmm...little monkey.

The walls are painted in Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe.  It's a medium gray-brown, slightly darker than the Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige of the main portion of the house.

The desk tops, drawers, and shelves (5x5 and 1x5) are from ikea.

The chairs are all craigslist finds.  I found them separately and covered the 2 black ones to match (see the larger chair here).  The yellowish one is very cool and vintage. The cover is removable and I could easily remake it in a fun print.

The curtains I made with this fabric from etsy.  I was looking at the Urban Outfitters chevron curtains, but pricing it out, the ones I made were cheaper and better quality.

The desk tops are solid wood, so you can stain or paint them whatever you want.  The stain I used was Dark Walnut and I only did one coat.  Then I put on 2 layers of fast-drying polyurethane in clear satin, sanding in between.

The other fun thing about this room is our old camera collection.  It all started with Tyler's grandpa giving him a camera, quite a while ago.  Then my grandpa gave a camera, then my grandma gave a camera.  It has been fun to look for them (love craigslist!) and hear stories from their original owners.  

The camera on the far right is the most recent addition (as well as the farthest left, a flat camera).  I got it from a gentleman that is 89 and his wife.  They were fun to talk to.  They told how they traveled the world, pointed out things in their home, and mentioned how now their traveling is the kitchen, to bedroom, to grocery store, and back again.  I wish I could be their neighbors.  They have a whole slew of movies from this camera of their family.  The far left one dates pre WWII and was carried everywhere.

The transitional gallery wall.

This is a fun wall to have in the house because some things can easily be changed in and out of frames.  I do think it would look better with all black frames, but for now it will do.  

As for descriptions: 
1. The little hearts (I did myself), the idea came from this etsy store and this episode of Emily Henderson's show.  I blogged about how I did it here.
2. The yellow fabric is a placemat from Target that I really liked.
3. The Life Aquatic "This is an Adventure" print comes from Urban Outfitters.  We are quirky enough to like this movie and have found only 2 other people who agree with us.
4. Family Picture.
5. "Divine Redeemer" from Simon Dewey.  One of my favorite portrayals of Christ.
6. People cutouts from maps.  Each of us is cut from the map that we were born in/grew up in.  Idea from pinterest (the link to the original idea is dead now).
7. "You are my Sunshine" from this etsy store.  This is one of the songs I remember my Dad singing to me.
8. Llama print...we have a weird love for llamas around here...come from this etsy store.
9. "Babies don't keep" print is a free printable from Lay Baby Lay.  Says it perfectly.

10. Flight Map - My Dad worked for Delta Airlines while I was growing up.  Being on the airplane was part of our life (yeah for free flights!) and this captures that.  I love this print.  There aren't any outlines of countries, only the lines of the flights.  Find it here.
11. (small picture on top) - one that I took back in California.  Sunlight shining on the park and grass in front of our apartment.
12. Another free print from Lay Baby Lay.
13. A cut-out from a magazine, President Hinckley (past LDS prophet) speaking to a crowd at BYU.  The quote is "You are good.  But it is not enough just to be good.  You must be good for something.  You must contribute good to the world." - From the talk "Stand up for Truth" Sept. 17th, 1996
14. "Sunday Best: South Side Chicago" is Tyler's favorite print from Chicago.  He served his mission there.
15. Another cut-out from a magazine.  Rinos in pattern.
16. Map of CA labeled with the counties from fab.com (I can't remember the original store).

17. Portland Temple - not my favorite print because it's a little grainy.  I need to get another one.
18. Old picture of the Portland waterfront in about the 30's.  None of those buildings are there anymore.

We used to have a yellow desk, but Tyler just ended up sitting on the floor with his computer.  We really needed our own spaces.  And he loves having his own drawers!  So the yellow desk turned into the coffee table and we got these instead.

I love my little bird.  The quote: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." - Pablo Picasso

Framed Diplomas on the wall and a view to our dining space.  

It's nice that this space has doors that can close.  The doors are glass-paned, nice for the privacy but still having the computers in visibility, and nice for having a quieter phone conversation if needed.  (3 kids doesn't make that always conducive as I'm sure you're well aware!)


  1. Beautiful job! -Garin

  2. Your office space is perfect, it's beautiful. I love the bookshelves, the pics, and those desks. We just have tables here for our computers, but those drawers are a fabulous idea to add. Looks great Bonnie!


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