Vintage Apron Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope some of you are getting a date night like I am tonight!  We are heading to a restaurant in town and then capping off the night with looking at some bikes for me.  I love date/kid swapping.  

I was hanging hooks in my sewing space for my aprons and found this one.  I thought it would be fun to post for you.  This one comes from an estate sale, probably for only a couple dollars (that's how estate sales roll).  I think it would be fun to replicate it.  It's so pretty with the laciness, little pleats around the waist band, and cool straps.

Thanks to my 6-year-old for this picture.  You can see one of my tomato boxes in the background.  For a Relief Society meeting we built the boxes, then I brought them home and filled them with some heavy bags of potting soil.  I ended up with 3 extra plants/boxes and I'm really excited!  Tyler thinks the cheap plywood is ruining our glamorous backyard.  I think it looks rather gardeny (yes, that's a word now).  Let's just say our unfinished backyard looks a little more unfinished.  :)  We kinda need some more plants back there.


  1. that's so super cute! (and i'm sure a little paint would put his mind to rest, no?)

  2. We have been looking at bikes too. I am really liking the xtracycle radish. they look great foe toting little ones around. have a nice date.


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