Birthdays are a big deal around here. I'm sure they are at your house too. With kids running through every room in the house and through almost every thought, I decided to make things simpler for decorations this year. Introducing the reusable circle garland!

I usually decorate with twisted crate paper. It's what my mom did every birthday. Actually there is a whole method of birthday decorating that happened every year when I was growing up: twisted crate paper, hanging ballon bouquet from the ceiling fan above the table, and presents on the table surrounding our baby book. 

I've tweaked it just a little.

In creating this circle garland I can reuse it every birthday, wrapping it around some cardboard for easy storage when I need to take it down. 

The birthday presents still get put on the table, but they surround a picture of that child while they were in the hospital. I can't believe how quickly time has already passed for my littles...

We often blow up balloons that float around the floor, but sometimes we don't. 

And probably the most important thing is that I crate paper back-and-forth across their bedroom door. In the morning when they wake up they have to break through the crate paper to come out of their room. I get reminded several times by the littles before bed to NOT FORGET to put the paper on the door. 

I tell them they can't turn another year older until they break through the paper (ie. 2 on one side and 3 on the other). 

I love this garland. I love it's simplicity, that I made it, and it's lightness. I love that it's lots of different colors and patterns. I love that it could totally be personalized however you want it. Bonus points that you don't even have to pull out your sewing machine for this one. You could, but I didn't.

Some simple pointers to make your own:

1. I used fun colored baker's twine.

2. I punched out my scalloped circles from paper I had on-hand with my large puncher ($5 score from a garage sale! You can find them at a craft store as well.)

3. Using double stick squares or tape, adhere your two sides together on the twine. This will sandwich the twine between two circles.  

I've been to cute craft stores that have small circle stickers that could do this job as well. You pay a price for the stickers and there's not many of them, but if you're doing a small garland it could be an option. This ends up being very affordable instead. Spice it up with a super important piece of cardboard!

I hope you find the time to make this cute circle garland. It could be much smaller than mine, for a mantle maybe. Or it could be much longer, cut into sections, and hung vertically down a wall as a cool backdrop. Maybe there's a baby or kid bedroom somewhere that needs this as the perfect touch. However it happens, I hope it makes you happy! 

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