I'm so excited to show you guys my gallery wall! 

With the thousands of pictures we all have, it's hard to narrow down to just a few. 

My whole goal in the pictures I chose: to show living, not just posing

I love it and I love that the entry to our house jumps with life as soon as you enter the front door. (I took these pictures standing in front of the door.)

How to make your own gallery:

1 - Measure your space.

2 - Knowing the type of frames you want to use ahead of time is helpful. I choose the ikea virserum brand of frames.

3 - List out the possible frame sizes. (there are lots for this brand)

4 - Draw your wall space on paper with dimensions in mind.

5 - Draw possible frames in your dimensions.

6 - Cut out your frame sizes in paper.

7 - Tape up the papers on the walls to see the layout.

8 - Make changes as needed, list the frames you need, order the pictures to fit the frames, and go shopping for your frames.

9 - Leave the papers on the wall.  

10 - When you have purchased your frames, they should match up exactly to the size of the papers you cut.

11 - Measure to the center of each paper and mark.

12 - Measure the back of the frame to see how far down the hanger will need to be hung, then measure the paper from the middle down that far and mark.

13 - In the crosshairs, hammer the nail right through the paper. 

14 - Check each frame, the hanger lengths will be different for each size of frame. 

15 - Remove the paper, hang the frames. 

16 - Put your pictures in the frames

I know I'm not the only one to hang pictures using this method and I can't even remember where I've seen it, but it's awesome.

On my other living room gallery wall I had to re-hammer holes at least 3x per frame.

Using this method, I only had to redo 3 holes TOTAL! That is a record win for me.

Our stair wall is HUGE. I think the configuration looks good to stay the size it is. That said, I definitely have room to grow it if I want.

Here's some viewpoints of looking up and down our stairwell so you can see what I'm talking about.

It's so fun to have the wall done and I love it. I hope this inspires you to make your own gallery wall. In the meantime, have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.


  1. i love it! I wish i could paint my kitchen wall - i have a small gallery collage of pictures there but i painted my frames gray to stand out from the white wall. I really like your white frames though, it looks so clean and crisp. how fun!

  2. I'm excited to finally see your place! I love gray, so that works too. :)


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